About Organisation

We are a registered NPO aimed at developing disadvantaged communities and youth at large. Equipping our beneficiaries with skill that allow self sustainability. The organisation was formally formed in 2016 by the youth of Ekurhuleni, hoping on seeing tangible change within their own communities.

Campaigns & Initiatives

  • Donation Drive

    One initiative we are currently undertaking is the collection of second hand school uniform, casual clothing and mind stimulating reading material.

  • Youth 4 Change Summit

    The K’sasalethu YOUTH 4 CHANGE summit looks to empower disenfranchised youth by hosting this summit where we intend to invite...

  • Ngiy' Ntombi Ezibhekile

    Ngyi' Ntombi Ezibhekile (I am a wise girl) campaign held at the Tsakane Municipality Hall, targeting 9 different secondary schools.


These are some of the pictures of the organistation's work.
Making a change start with one person.

Press Release

African Reporter - ksasalethu is ubuntu centric

Springs Advertiser - ksasalethu reaches out to the community

African Reporter - ksasalethu reaches out to the community

Springs Advertiser - Ksasalethu NPO to host Far East Family Fund-raiser


You make our programs possible &
your support is saving and transforming lives.